Car chases can present considerable and typically unnecessary dangers to the public, top law enforcement to discover options to standard strategies like the “PIT Maneuver” for stopping them ahead of an accident happens. One such answer is a pretty new device identified as “The Grappler,” which was properly utilized in a current carjacking incident in Hollywood, Florida, involving a Chevrolet Camaro.

The Grappler is a netting device affixed to the front of a police car, capable of ensnaring the rear tires of a fleeing automobile, compelling it to come to a full cease. Its efficacy was demonstrated in an actual incident on December 26 for the duration of a police pursuit on Washington Street. Dashcam footage captures the moment when the police automobile nudged the rear of the Camaro, enabling the device to grab one particular of the rear wheels.

The yellow muscle automobile was allegedly stolen by two 17-year-old suspects. As reported by 7 News Miami, the teens reportedly brandished a gun, forcing the Camaro owner to surrender the keys whilst he was loading groceries into the automobile. The police have been alerted to the incident, top to a pursuit.

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Footage shows the young driver losing manage of the Camaro ahead of crashing into a fence. The minor collision brought on harm to the rear bumper which can be noticed dangling off the car for the remainder of the chase. The suspects also disposed of a firearm from the Camaro’s window, but law enforcement effectively retrieved it.

Moments later, the deployment of the Grappler ended the pursuit with out any casualties. Unable to continue their escape, the 17-year-old suspects surrendered to the law enforcement officers. Both have been subsequently transported to a nearby hospital ahead of for evaluation ahead of getting transferred to a juvenile detention facility. According to jail records, they are now facing considerable charges, like armed carjacking, fleeing the scene of a crash, and eluding the police.

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