While sales information not too long ago confirmed that GM was the ideal-promoting automaker in the United States final year, items are not seeking also rosy for its sales in China. In truth, information reveals that the carmaker’s regional sales have slumped by nearly 50% given that 2017.

Sales figures released by GM reveal that it sold two.1 million automobiles in China final year. While that trails its U.S. sales that jumped to two.57 million, what’s far more considerable is the truth that sales declined eight.7% all through 2023. Demand for Buick models fell by 20% in 2023 to roughly 517,000 units whilst Chevrolet sales declined by 16% to 169,000 units.

Additionally, Cadillac sales in China declined by five.7% to about 187,000 automobiles final year. Sales from GM’s joint venture partnership with GM and Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co. hit 1.two million, roughly the exact same as 2022. While promoting two.1 million automobiles in any single market place may possibly appear impressive, GM’s sales in China peaked at four million units in 2017 and for far more than a decade, China was its biggest market place.

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 GM’s Sales In China Have Almost Halved Since 2017

No doubt a contributor to GM’s declining Chinese sales is the truth that numerous regional shoppers are now getting automobiles from Chinese brands. Additionally, battery-electric automobiles and plug-in hybrids are promoting in record numbers in the nation and according to information from the China Automobile Dealers Association, accounted for 36% of all new car sales in 2023. Electrified automobiles accounted for just more than a quarter of GM’s sales in China final year.

A suite of new EVs could support GM regain steam in China. SAIC-GM plans to introduce eight new electrified merchandise more than the coming two years, like BEVs employing GM’s Ultium platform and numerous plug-in hybrids. GM will also quickly start sales of the Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Denali in a bid to cater to the developing quantity of outside enthusiasts in China.

 GM’s Sales In China Have Almost Halved Since 2017