How To Apply Jeep Decals With Detail Guidelines


If you are a Jeep owner who is worried about doing the Jeep decals by yourself, this post will save you from a headache about making a mess. It’s not hard to know how to install vinyl decals by yourself, but if you haven’t ever done it before, you definitely should learn how to apply Jeep decals to make the great decal installation. Follow these instructions step by step, you will surely make it perfectly.


The Jeep with cool decal on the side. Source:

Step 1: Choose Place To Apply Decal Or Remove Existing Decal
The first step you have to do is to find out the place you want to put the new decal. If you want to replace the existing decal, it’s very important to remove it in the right way.
To remove the existing decal, you have to heat it first because the heat will make the decal easier to remove. It is ideal to use the propane torch and heat it lightly over the existing decal with the back and forth motion. Keep heating until you see the adhesive changes, then you start peeling off the decal little by little on each side. In case you don’t have the propane torch, it’s ok to use the lighter instead as long as you can ensure the heat goes well.

Use propane torch to heat and remove the old decal. Source:

After removing the old decal, you should apply the liquid called “Rapid Remover” to wipe all the remains off the surface. You can find this liquid in most of the Wal-Mart stores.

Step 2: Clean The Surface Before Appling The Decal
This is the critical step that you should do it seriously and spend time on it. The cleaner the surface is, the greater result can have at the end. First, you use the glass cleaner or hard-surface cleaner to wash clearly the surface.

Use glass cleaner to wash the surface. Source:

Then, you apply the denatured alcohol or rubbing alcohol to remove the residues left behind from the glass cleaner. The cleaning step only finishes once all of the dirt, dust and any kinds of residue moved away. If not, these substances will prevent the decal from adhering well and they may show through your new decal. This consequence can’t be fixed unless you apply another new decal and do it all again.

Use denatured alcohol to denatured alcohol. Source:

If you do it right, the surface of your Jeep after cleaning is even brighter than the first time you see it at the showroom. Once again, this step is critical, so spend your time to do it carefully.
Step 3: Measure And Tape The Decal On The Jeep
After cleaning the surface, you should put the decal on the selected position as soon as possible. You shouldn’t delay this step because there are a lot of things in the air that our eyes can’t see can land on the Jeep and affect the quality of the decal installation. You only need to tape both sides of the decal to the Jeep quickly and measure carefully later.

Simply tape both side of the decal to prevent the dust. Source:

After the measurement, you can adjust the position until you feel satisfied with it. If you have the parallel decals, you should record the measurement and do the same with the other side.

Tape the decal as the hinge-like taping. Source:

After the decal is placed in the correct position, you tape it as the hinge-like taping that only the top part of the decal is tapped. The other unnecessary tapes are removed.
Step 4: Install The Jeep Decals
You flip up the decal which is in the hinge-like taping and peel the backing off. After that, you lay the decal against the Jeep surface and use the plastic flat blade to press the decal down in a firm way. You should start pressing at the middle of the decal toward the ends of both sides.

Press the decal firmly to remove all the air bubbles. Source:

You have to do this step slowly and firmly because this action removes all the air bubbles appear after peeling off the backing. If you don’t do it carefully and correctly, these bubbles will be kept on your decal and make it look terrible.
Tip: You can cut the decal into many small pieces to install it on the Jeep easier as long as the cuts do not involve in other parts of the decal.

Step 5: Peel Off The Top Layer Of The Decal
Now, it’s time for you to slowly peel the top layer off the decal at a 45° angle and see the final result.

Peel off the top layer at a 45° angle. Source:

This is also the final step of how to apply Jeep decals guidelines, all the things you need is to follow and do it carefully. Please notice that these steps are the same if you want to have the guidelines on how to install decals on a car.

The final result with the great decal. Source:
These guidelines above show you how to apply hood decal in detail so you can do it yourself at home without any concerns. Now, you are confident in the Jeep hood decal installation, let’s make your Jeep a new look with a cool decal.