Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, has officially announced that the subsequent-generation Bolt will make its debut on the streets in 2025. This announcement follows her prior confirmation of the Bolt’s return, now as an Ultium-primarily based electric car.

In her address at the Automotive Press Association in Detroit, the GM CEO discussed the forthcoming successor to the inexpensive EV, stating, “That’s been a truly positive development this year, and it has influenced our decision to reintroduce it in 2025.”

Earlier statements from Barra had currently hinted at the Bolt’s comeback following the existing models are phased out. As for the subsequent generation, it will be constructed upon GM’s Ultium architecture, featuring lithium iron phosphate battery cells. According to Autonews, the Chevrolet Bolt will lead the way as the 1st North American Ultium-primarily based EV to integrate this battery technologies, potentially rising affordability and streamlining improvement processes.

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 All-New Chevy Bolt EV Is Coming In 2025

Barra not too long ago projected that EV production figures would see a notable enhance in 2024, following GM missed its targets in 2023. The strikes and the revised agreement with UAW had triggered delays in the launch of a variety of EVs, such as the electric trucks made in Michigan. Nevertheless, GM remains committed to reaching the substantial milestone of creating 1 million EVs in North America by 2025.

The CEO mentioned that the “optimization” of their electric lineup does not imply they are “retreating”. Instead, GM will continue with its development plans and the planned EV roll-out: “We’ll continue to make progress. When you’re making this kind of transformation, I don’t think anybody thought it was going to be just a straight lineup. It’s going to have ups and downs. But that’s the industry that we’re in” mentioned Barra.

Production of the existing Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV will finish in late 2023. The Orion Assembly plant in Michigan will then be retooled, as GM’s upcoming completely electric pickups are scheduled to be manufactured at the premises. As for the subsequent-gen Bolt, the production place has however to be confirmed but the Fairfax factory in Kansas City is a achievable contestant following a current $391-million investment.

Barra believes that the EV transition will be “the first turn of the first lap of a multi-lap race”, adding that buyer demand will decide the volume with the firm getting focused on EV profitability.

 All-New Chevy Bolt EV Is Coming In 2025
GM CEO, Mary Barra