Dashcam footage has captured the moment that the driver of a C4 Chevrolet Corvette slammed into the rear of a van in Texas just before proceeding to flee the scene on foot.

The accident occurred late final week on a section of the I-45 highway. Traffic can be observed moving gradually just before the Corvette comes into view and slams into the rear of the van. It seems as even though the driver of the Chevy unknowingly veered out of his lane and appears to have been entirely unaware of the van, not even hitting the brakes just before hitting it.

[OC] Corvette crashes into perform van then flees the scene on foot
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Due to the low-slung nature of the Corvette and the higher rear-finish of the van, the front of the Corvette momentarily slides beneath the rear of the van. The force of the effect ripped off most of the car’s clamshell hood and most likely broke some suspension elements on the driver’s side. Despite the hefty collision, the driver does not quit and continues to drive, sooner or later swerving to the outer correct lane of the highway. The dashcam footage then cuts to the van pulled more than to the side of the highway and in the distance, the driver of the Chevy can be observed fleeing on foot.

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It’s challenging to say why the driver of the Corvette decided to leave the scene of the crash but 1 attainable explanation is that the automobile could have been stolen and they’d rather ditch it than be caught driving it.

Fortunately for the driver of the van, the harm carried out to their automobile seems to be comparatively minor compared to the Chevy. Nevertheless, they could nevertheless be left with a hefty repair bill but the Corvette driver could have to deal with a bill from a lawyer as well.