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Save Money With 3 Useful Windshield Wiper Maintenance Tips

windshield wiper maintenance tips
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Although the windshield wiper is just a small part of the vehicle, it is one of the key elements that keep you safe. Therefore, you should pay good attention to taking care of it. To save you from wasting your time searching, this post will give you the excellent windshield wiper maintenance tips. This information provides you the proper ways and answers all your windshield wiper questions.

How To Know The Symptoms Of A Bad Windshield Wiper

First of all, you have to learn how to know if your windshield wiper is in trouble. You can test it by letting the windshield wiper move across the windscreen to clear the water. If the wiper blades only smear water around, seem to make a mess, streak the windshield, and miss large patches, it should be replaced.

windshield wiper maintenance tips
Run your finger down the rubber edge of the wiper to check it. Source: kendalldodgechryslerjeepram

Moreover, you can also check the windshield wiper statements by lifting it up and then run your finger down the rubber edge of the wiper, to check and see if there is any rubber that is chipped or jagged. If any portion of rubber is missing from the blade, it’s time to replace them. Finally, visually scan the edge of the blade for rounded edges, which can compromise the blade’s ability to make contact with the glass.

Useful Windshield Wiper Maintenance Tips

There are 3 useful ways for the upkeep of the windshield wiper that you can easy to remember and follow.

Clean Wiper Blades To Make It Last longer

windshield wiper maintenance tips
Clean Wiper Blades by the rag and vinegar. Source: autopartsguideline

You should clean them every time you need to gas the car. It’s better to keep a cleaning kit in your trunk which includes rag and spray bottle with vinegar inside or glass cleaner. To clean it in the proper way, you spray the vinegar over the blades, then run the rag the full length of each blade, make sure to clean both sides. As an added measure, you can place a small amount of rubber protectant on a fresh rag and rub it onto the blades.

Adjust Wipers To Achieve The Best Performance

In fact, the windshield wipers work best when they’re held in place as tightly as possible. With the wipers off, remove the dust cap at the base of the wiper to reveal the nut. Using the right size socket, ratchet the nut to tighten it into place. After you tighten the wipers, you may need to adjust the blades. Ideally, the entire blade should touch the windshield to allow them to sweep the largest area possible.

Choose The Ideal Windshield Wiper To Avoid Misuse

There three different types of windshield wipers you can choose from depending on your demand. The first one is the conventional frame-style wiper blades. Although it is common in the car accessories list because of the cheap price, it is not suitable for going through the heavy snow or the pouring rain. You should consider using this type if you are living in the place with this typical climate.

windshield wiper maintenance tips
Choose The Ideal Windshield Wiper To Avoid Misuse. Source: avenueautoglass

The second one is the Hybrid blades. This one has the different outer shell which helps it handle the bad weather better than the first one. This outer shell actually creates more of a low profile with a sleek design that is better for dealing with any climate which makes it more suitable for many drivers looking to buy new windshield wipers.

The last one is the beam-style wiper blades. This is the most expensive windshield wiper type but it’s worth. It lasts longer and performs better than the others in all cases. Their one-piece design that uses either double rubber or silicone to is assured to that these blades keep the snow and rain off of the windshield. Although it is expensive, you can consider investing in it to limit the problems and avoid the windshield wiper replacement so often.

windshield wiper maintenance tips
The beam-style wiper blades. Source: Amazon

It is known that the windshield wiper average life is six months. In the other words, it is recommended that replacing your windshield wipers every six months will stop you from many troubles this front line part of the vehicle may cause. Do you wonder how much does it cost to replace windshield wipers? The average cost for a windshield wiper blade replacement is about from $18 to $36. However, if you choose the proper windshield wiper type which is the most suitable for your demand and pay good attention to taking care of it, you can keep your windshield wiper last longer with the ideal performance.

This post includes all the critical things you need to know about the windshield wiper. Keep these windshield wiper maintenance tips in your mind and spend time on it for your safety.

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