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Full Reviews Of Top Jeep Bumpers Models

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
Source: globalgarage

It’s hard to see any Jeep without a bumper because it is one of the most useful Jeep accessories that every Jeep owner wants to equip for the Jeep. This post will give you the reviews of top Jeep bumpers models in the market so you will be easy to choose the best suitable one for your vehicle. These bumpers below come from the best jeep bumper brands so you don’t need to be worried about its quality.

1. Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
Smittybilt 76800 XRC Front Bumper. Source: globalgarage

This bumper is designed with a triangular hole in order to help you lift your Jeep up if needed. Besides, there are 5 slotted holes in the horizontal line in which you can add any sizes of LED light bars. The light mount tabs of this bumper allow the Jeep to hold the lights up to 9″ diameter. Therefore, it’s perfect to add the fog lights to your Jeep with this such convenient bumper. Moreover, this XRC bumper is built to make your Jeep ultimate the protection for rock crawling. So it’s is the best choice for any Jeepers who are crazy about the rock trails.

2. E-auto grilles Wrangler Bumper D-Ring

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
E-auto grilles Wrangler Bumper D-Ring. Source: globalgarage

This bumper is built for the model Jeep Wrangler between 2007and 2017. The whole bumper is covered by a rustproof textured black powder material. Therefore, it’s no doubt to say that this bumper is very strong and durable for providing your Jeep with both a good look and great features. It’s made from 5/32 inch cold rolled sheets of steel and two inches and 120 steel tube. Its winch plate has an incredible capacity of up to 12, 000 pounds. Besides, the bumper also has 2 D-rings which can haul nearly 5 tons each. Last but not least, this E-auto grilles bumper is very easy to install without any requirements of cut or change anything.

3. Restyling Factory Wrangler Textured Bumper

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
Restyling Factory Wrangler Textured Bumper. Source: globalgarage

This sustainable bumper will give your Jeep a professional look thanks to the restyling factory and the textured black powered finish. Besides, it has the winch plate mounts which can handle up to 12,000 pounds. It’s easy to see that this bumper has 2 D-rings which can support up to 4,75 tons each. Moreover, it’s perfect to add the fog lights to your Jeep by this bumper. This is also the best fit for any Jeep models because it’s so easy to install with the basic tools.

4. Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler Bumper

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
Razer Auto Wrangler Textured Crawler Bumper. Source: globalgarage

This bumper is measured by 48 inches wide and 26 inches high which is a great fit for any Jeep Wrangler model from 2007 to 2017. It covers by a textured black powder finish in order to avoid the rust. It is made from 5/32 inch steel sheet and 2 3/8 by 0.120 tubing. This bumper provides the two 5-ton D-Rings, up to 12,000 –pound- winch plate, and the two removable light tabs on the pre-runner hoop. The special benefits of this bumper are its maximum tire clearance that gives you the convenient and comfortable feeling when driving even with this bumper on. With these materials and features, it’s confident to be sure that this bumper will not let you down for anything from the rugged appearance to the great capacity. No matter your Jeep model is old or new, you don’t need to modify anything to install your bumper. Everyone loving the simple installment will like this bumper so bad.

5. ARB 3450400 Satin Black Stubby Winch Bumper for Jeep Wrangler JK

This bumper is built from 4-millimeter laser cut steel, powder coated in a 5 stage anti-corrosion. Moreover, this bumper is known for the sustainability because it is constructed of solid steel plate which is a combination of 787 inches 350-grade steel. Therefore, each ARB bumper features a five-fold upswept and tapered wing design, which provides enormous strength to each corner of the bumper.

Top Jeep Bumpers Models
ARB 3450400 Satin Black Stubby Winch Bumper for Jeep Wrangler JK. Source: globalgarage

These materials do not only create a cool style but also protect your Jeep. In order to enhance the protection, the ends of the bumper covered with a 3-millimeter steel plate to prevent the Jeep from the distortion or damage. All these features turn this bumper into a perfect shield protecting your four-wheel vehicle from all the sharp objects on the trails.

These are the best Jeep bumpers reviews include all detailed information that you should know. If you are looking for buying one, you shouldn’t miss one of these top Jeep bumpers models. It’s time to make your Jeep become a monster on the trail with this useful Jeep part.