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Know-How: Replace Jeep Body Panels Yourself

replace jeep body panels yourself
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Know-How: Replace Jeep Body Panels Yourself
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Being a Jeep owner, you definitely know that your Jeep will have the scars, scratches or even some damages after the period time of using. It’s time for you to think of getting the new body for the Jeep. There is nothing to say if you take it to the jeep body repair shop and let the repairman does everything. But if you want to save money, DIY is not the bad idea. If so, you will need the guidelines to replace Jeep body panel yourself and the information of this post is the one that you are looking for.

How To Remove Old Jeep Body Panels

It is obvious that you have to remove the old Jeep body panel before installing the new one. Most Jeep bodywork uses a combination of pop rivets and welds. To remove these, you’re going to have to break out the power tools. Once you’ve found the rivets and welds holding the piece on, separate them from the old panel using a cutting wheel— and give the piece an occasional tug to see where it’s still attached. In this case, if your Jeep body panel has a lot of damages, it will get the job done easier. Then, you won’t find the difficulties in accessing the fasteners.

replace jeep body panels yourself
The Jeep with the damaged body. Source: image.fourwheeler

Here are some notes for you to keep in mind when doing this part:

– Older Jeep models will require a special tool to remove some body panels. Specifically, the CJ-5 requires a tool from Eastwood that can remove the spot welds which hold the panels on from the outside.
– It’s important to grind down any protruding welds. If you leave them, they could keep the new body panel from fitting correctly.
– If you’re removing rusted-out material, make sure you thoroughly remove any rust in the area, as well.

replace jeep body panels yourself
Removing rusted-out material before installing the new body panels. Source: explorerforum

How to Install New Jeep Materials

One of the most critical things is to find the correct replacement part. It’s essential to double check to make sure that you have the best fit replacement.

If you’re installing the new body piece on a painted Jeep — which is typically going to be the case — you can save yourself some trouble by painting the new panel before it’s on the vehicle. If you wait until it’s installed, you’ll have to go through the trouble of masking off other bodywork to prevent overspray.

replace jeep body panels yourself
Jeep with cool paint colors. Source: Pinterest

You may also want to treat the panel with a protective coating to ward off rust and corrosion. You can apply this coating to the new panel and framework beneath it.

The next part is to do the welding and riveting. Welding jeep body panels is not easy at all, you need to do it carefully and slowly to ensure there is no mistake. If there’s carpet or flammable material behind the panel you’ll weld to, then you will need to use rivets either to attach the new bodywork or attach another piece to which the panel can be welded. In case you would like to avoid welding, it’s possible to use a pop rivet gun to attach new material.

replace jeep body panels yourself
Welding is an important part of bodywork. Source: image.fourwheeler

You will need to pre-drill holes for your rivets. The gun holds the rivet, which you place through the pre-drilled hole. When you squeeze the lever on the rivet tool, it expands and compresses the rivet — securing the body pane.

How To Check If You Done It Well

You have to make sure that your new body panel should be snug against your Jeep. Then, you’ll know that you have done it well when checking if any excess weld material with a grinder is removed and protective coating to exposed welds is applied.

replace jeep body panels yourself
Nice Jeep on the country road. Source: speednik

Now you know how to replace jeep body panels yourself and things to notice when doing it. These things still work if you need to do the jeep side panel replacement. Doing this thing at home can help you save much money. Moreover, it’s downright proud of yourself because you know that you drive your own handiwork. That’s what makes your Jeep unique and yourself special as well. Keep these tips in mind whenever you need to replace the jeep body panels and hope it helps you a lot.

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