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Discover 5 Stunning Off Road Trails In Florida To Have A Blast

off road trails florida
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Although Florida is well-known for the beautiful beaches, it is also the good destination for you to test your Jeep if you know exactly where should go. In case you are looking for some amazing off-road trails in Florida to fill in your Jeep bucket list, this post will help you a lot. These destinations are must-visit places that any Jeeper should give it a try. You can challenge your Jeep by driving through the deep mug, crawling over the rocks or going along the trails. Moreover, you will have a chance to enjoy the magnificent Florida landscape. Read over and pick out your favorite trails for this weekend.

1. Devils Garden Mud Club

off road trails florida
Jeep is in the mud hole when going with Devils Garden Mud Club. Source: devilsgardenmudclub

Devils Garden Mud Club is located at 23515 County Road 835 in Clewiston, Florida. It takes about 1.5 hours when driving from Miami. It is known as the largest mud park in Florida so if you are looking for the dirty adventure, it’s perfect. Moreover, it has so many trails for the different levels from beginner to pro, the only thing you need is to pick out the one that you want to challenge the most and go for it.

2. Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park

Redneck “Yacht Club” Mud Park is located at 44570 Bermont Road in Punta Gorda, FL 33982. This park only opens for events, not every weekend. You can find the event schedule at redneckmudpark.com.

off road trails florida
Muddy Jeep trail in Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park. Source: redneckmudpark

Redneck park includes four mud holes and separately designated trails for less intense rides, so there are lots of things for Jeepers to have a blast here. In addition, this park has the vehicle washing stations, camping areas, food vendors, and bathrooms. The park has excellent features for all types of vehicles ranging from small vehicles to huge trucks equipped with extreme lifts. Therefore, this is the good off-road trails in south Florida to head for the great adventures.

3. Big Cypress National Preserve

The Big Cypress National Preserve is located at 33000 Tamiami Trail E. in Octopee, Florida.

off road trails florida
Jeep water trail in Big Cypress National Preserve. Source: cesardphoto

This is one of the Jeep trails central Florida that boasts some amazing sites for going off-road and enjoying the surrounding nature. With over 270 miles of off-road vehicle trails available for your Jeeping needs, the Big Cypress National Preserve offers a wide variety of trails to take on from the muddy swampland to the flat grassland. Drivers can obtain a permit from the National Park Service easily before going over to ride the various trails provided. However, make sure that you won’t leave anything behind, watch out for the endangered Florida panther, and keep your eye out for some impressive alligators.

4. Lazy Springs Recreation Park

Lazy Springs Park is located at 9591 FL-82, Felda, FL 33930. Here is the information about the opening hours: Friday 5-7:30 p.m.; Saturday sunrise- 7:30 p.m.; Sunday sunrise- 7 p.m.

off road trails florida
Jeep sand dune trail in Lazy Springs Recreation Park. Source: i.ytimg

The park is more than 375 acres and it offers everything including off-roading, motocross or even fishing. This popular destination boasts natural lakes that swell with summer rains and create a fun mud patch for everything from ATVs and dirtbikes to your suped-up Jeep, as well as new hills and “surprise” elements that are updated annually. In the other words, this 4X4 park gives Jeepers many kinds of terrains from rocky hills to deep mud pits that will make you excited all the time. If you’re looking for a fun place to test a wide range of what your Jeep is capable of, Lazy Springs will be the perfect Jeep off-road in Florida to go with.

5. JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area

off road trails florida
Jeep trails in JW Corbett Wildlife Management Area. Source: cdn-assets.alltrails

This park is located at 11835 Seminole Pratt Whitney Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33412 and it opens 24 hours.
Although it is not an off-roading park, you can find so many trails to drive on and don’t be surprised if they are quite challenging. It’s no doubt to say that this park is a great place to spend your day driving around to the various stops and then getting out to explore the wildlife and historic sites.

Now, you can add some new interesting off-road places to your list. Don’t forget to have a good preparation for the essential Jeep tools and check your Jeep carefully before going off-roading. Say “Jeeping” and have a blast on the off-road trails Florida.

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