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Jeep Soft Top And Hard Top Pros And Cons In Detailed

jeep soft top and hard top pros and cons
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If your current Jeep top is broken or you don’t want to put up with the shivers in the winter time or the sweat in the scorching days, it’s time for you to have a new top. If so, you have to decide what kind of Jeep top you should choose. It may be a hard decision if you don’t know clearly about Jeep soft top and hard top pros and cons. Therefore, this post will give you a detailed understanding of a hardtop and soft top in order to make a good comparison and choose the best one for your needs.

There are so many options for Jeep tops and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In case of the Jeep hardtop vs soft top, it may be an endless battle. The good tip for choosing the best fit is to focus on your requirements and pick out the one that has the same benefits.

Pros And Cons Of Soft Top Jeeps

The upside of Soft Top Jeeps

The biggest advantage of soft tops is versatility. There are so many design options for you to choose such as full tops, half tops, bikinis, flip tops, and the other flexible combinations. It can be formal with doors or be casual without doors or be flexible with half doors. Because it’s removable and adjustable, you can adjust it based on your style with the backdoor off or the fresh cover made of mesh, twill, or black diamond. That’s why the soft top will never make your Jeep look boring.

jeep soft top and hard top pros and cons
You can adjust the soft top in order to fit your needs. Source: i.ytimg.com

Jeep soft top is cheaper than the hard one. It means you can have some different kinds of soft tops for the price of only one hardtop. Moreover, soft top is the perfect choice if you want to hide from the heat or the coldness but still also desire to throw yourself into nature in the beautiful days. It allows you to smell the fresh air, feel the wind on the hairs, and enjoy the sunshine over the skin.

The downside of Soft Top Jeeps

The soft top only lasts for several years of using even though you take a good care of it. It can be damaged easier than the hard one and it will not the perfect security guard to protect your valuable stuff inside.

Pros And Cons Of Hardtop Jeeps

The upside of hardtop Jeeps

It’s obvious to everyone that the hardtop can give you a better protection than the soft one. You can totally drive without any worries about the outside elements. It also allows you to lock up the vehicle to keep some valuable stuff inside. Therefore, you can trust in its security. Besides, you can make use of the storage space when using a hardtop. With a hardtop, it’s possible for you to carry all kinds of gear on top so you can bring a kayak, a bike, or even a hard top tent to add more fun to your off-roading.
No one can deny the durability of a hardtop. It is long lasting as same as the life of the vehicle so you can save much money for this part.

jeep soft top and hard top pros and cons
Bring a kayak by making use of the hardtop. Source: expeditionportal

The downside of hardtop Jeeps

There is only one thing that makes people consider having a hardtop, it is not designed to remove frequently. Although you can get the top off by asking your Jeep friend help you, it is not convenient at all.

That’s all about the Jeep soft top and hardtop pros and cons, it depends on your needs to pick out the best one.

jeep soft top and hard top pros and cons
Enjoy nature to the fullest with a Jeep soft top. Source: canadianwilderness

Some people come up with a different option, they still go with a hardtop but will change to use the soft top during the summer time. It’s a great idea to mix and match your needs based on the weather conditions. As long as you learn how to remove the hardtop in the proper way and invest in an awesome soft top, you can get back to nature as you desire. So it’s all right for you to change a hardtop Jeep to a soft top. Now, you can be confident to choose the perfect Jeep top for your own vehicle and don’t waste your time for hesitation anymore.