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Top 7 Ideal Jeep Off-Road Accessories You Must Have

jeep off road accessories
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Top 7 Ideal Jeep Off-Road Accessories You Must Have
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Off-roading is the passion of so many people because there are a lot of stunning places out there to explore. However, every off-roader knows that it’s critical to have a good preparation before going off-roading, especially in choosing the proper tools. Because of the limited space of the Jeep, you can’t take too many things with you on the trail. So, it’s better to figure out the list of top 7 necessary Jeep off-road accessories that will save you a lot of time but still make sure that you have the essentials you need. Read over this article and put this list of Jeep items on your pocket for the upcoming Jeep trips.

1. Jeep Winch

jeep off road accessories
The Jeeper is using the Winch to go through the hole. Source: fourwheeler.com

No one knows about things are waiting for you on the trail, there is always a possibility of getting stuck somewhere. So it’s never a bad idea to own the winch for your off-pavement adventures. This tool can help you do a self-recovery or help your Jeep friend get out of the trouble on the way once they pick the wrong line. This winch will support you to have enough power and muscle to free your four-wheel vehicle from the puddles or the holes.

2. Ground Anchor

jeep off road accessories
The Jeeper is using the Ground Anchor to come over the rocks. Source: goodnuseful

As you know, a winch is one of the most essential Jeep off-road accessories. However, every off-roader knows that it can’t work if there is nothing to hook on to. That’s why you should have a ground anchor in case of self-recovery. No matter where you get stuck, this ground anchor will give you the perfect chance to free your vehicle from the trouble without asking for the help.

3. Recovery Strap

jeep off road accessories
The Jeeper uses the Recovery Strap on the trail. Source: sc02.alicdn

Besides the winch, the recovery strap is a necessary addition to your list. Sometimes your winch isn’t long enough to handle the problem, you will need the recovery strap to support. This is a must-have Jeep accessory for the backup plan you should think of. The good strap should be up to 40,000lbs and at 30 feet that can give you a ton of flexibility.

4. Tire Deflators

jeep off road accessories
The Tire Deflators. Source: quadratec

This is one of the unique Jeep wrangler parts designed to work with tires and allow you to deflate it to the precise pressure level you want. If you have ever experienced the Jeep trips through the hardcore trails, you must know the benefits of airing down your tires. The softer and flatter tires can prevent your vehicle from the getting punctured by the sharp objects on the road and avoid the track damage which caused by wheelspin.

5. A High Lift Jack

jeep off road accessories
A Jeeper is using the High Lift Jack when the Jeep is in trouble with the deep puddle. Source: clemson4wheel

A High Lift Jack can be a savior when you need it. While they can be dangerous when used improperly, there is no substitute for being able to lift your rig from the bumper or rocker armor to get out of a sticky situation or make a trail repair. Make sure you are you using your jack responsibly and safely, and it can be a savior when you need it.

6. Tree Protector

jeep off road accessories
Using the Jeep Tree Protector to avoid the damage on the tree. Source: tauro.co.za

We all want to Tread Lightly and preserve our wheeling spots so we can go back again and again. But if you wrap a strap with some stretch to it, like a snatch strap, around a tree and use it as a winch point you will damage the bark on the tree and kill it. This tree protector is designed to be wide and not stretch under strain to protect the tree keep your wheeling spots scenic.

7. Gloves

jeep off road accessories
The Jeep Gloves. Source: jeep-outfitter

Gloves are one of those Jeep accessories that most people don’t think of when heading out on the trails, but you’ll sure wish you had a pair the first time you pull winch line or rig a recovery strap without them. These gloves have more uses that you can count on the trail and you should have at least one pair in your recovery bag.

In order to have a good preparation and choose the proper Jeep parts, it normally depends on the kind of trail you are going to explore. However, these are the top 7 Jeep off road accessories you should have in your trunk regardless the trail. Therefore, you should save the space for these tools in the trunk and have an excellent off-road adventure without any worries.

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