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Jeep DIY: Best Tips For How To Spray Paint The Jeep

Source: instructables.com

Do you have an old Jeep and want to make it great again? Or are you planning to give your Jeep a new look? If you have the agreement with these questions, you absolutely will think of painting your four-wheel vehicle. It’s not the big deal if you take it to the Jeep shops or any motor shops. However, if you desire to do it at home and create a DIY Jeep painting version, you must have a proper guideline. This is the best Jeep painting tips for anyone who wants to learn how to spray paint the Jeep at home. With the detailed guideline, the only thing you need to do to turn your old Jeep into the perfect new one is to follow these useful steps below.

Step 1: Prepare The Essential Stuff

Here is the list of things you need to prepare before doing anything. These ones are very easy to find on the Internet or at Walmart.
– Spray paint (10 cans of Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint)
– 220grit sandpaper
– A can of mineral spirits or Acetone
– 3 rolls of painters tape
– A sanding block
– Some sheets of newspaper or paper

How to spray paint the Jeep
The Krylon Fusion for plastic spray paint. Source: thesamba

Step 2: Prepare The Jeep For Paint

First, you need to remove the pinstripe by using a heat gun and a razor. Next, continue removing all the Jeep parts that don’t need to be painted such as lights, roof rack, spare tire, some interior panels, etc. Then, you have to wash the car and sand it down with 220grit sandpaper for the final step of preparation.

Step 3: Wipe Down The Jeep

In order to clean the surface, you have to wipe the entire Jeep down with some Acetone or mineral spirits.

Step 4: Paint The Door Jams

Before painting the entire Jeep or even doing the panting Jeep doors, you should paint the door jams first. So you wouldn’t have to go back, mess with it and it will look cleaner.

How to spray paint the Jeep
The Jeep with the painted door jams. Source: instructables.com

Step 5: Cover The Windows And Lights

Use the paper or newspaper to make a mask for the windows and lights so that you won’t get paint all over them. This step only takes you several minutes but it’s very worth. In case you only need to do the painting Jeep hardtop, this one is also critical.

How to spray paint the Jeep
The Jeep windows and lighs are covered by papers. Source: instructables.com

Step 6: Painting The Jeep

Everything is ready for painting the entire Jeep. It’s time to break out all the spray paint you have and create a new look for your four-wheel friend. A useful Jeep painting tips for you is that you should complete the light coat first, then apply the final coat later. If so, the paint can cover fully and smoothly on the Jeep surface.
Please make sure that there is no car parking nearby your own one while painting. You don’t want to have any overspray mistake, right?

How to spray paint the Jeep
The Jeep is painted with the mask of windows and lights. Source: instructables.com

Step 7: Remove The Mask And Reinstall The Essential Parts

After letting the paint dry for an hour, you can remove the mask of windows and lights. Then, it’s time to reinstall all the Jeep parts you took off at Step 2.

How to spray paint the Jeep
The pretty Jeep after the painting done. Source: instructables.com

Now, your Jeep is ready for the upcoming off-road trips. You can drive it through all the trails and let your Jeep buddies see how great you’ve done. The biggest benefit of painting the Jeep by yourself is saving much money. A good quality painting a Jeep wrangler costs at least several thousand dollars or more while doing it at home only costs you under 100 USD. You can find the price of each Krylon spray paint cans is about 6 bucks and the other stuff is very cheap. Besides, it’s so proud to drive the Jeep “made by me” on the road, that’s what makes it different and unique.

With these detailed steps, it’s a piece of cake to learn how to spray paint the Jeep. Now, everyone can say goodbye with the old and boring Jeep color but still save their money. Sounds so great!

The reference for this article: www.instructables.com