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Save The Jeep From The Mud Monster With The Hot & Sexy Girls

save the Jeep
Source: Youtube

What happened if your Jeep gets stuck in the big deep mud puddle? This video is an interesting rescue about saving the Jeep from the mud monster, which is recorded in Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park. Although the Jeep is stuck deep in the mud, the Jeep guys and Jeep girls still enjoy the off-road trip to the fullest. They don’t hesitate to flow themselves into the mud puddle, drink beers, play and chat all the time. They really have a blast regardless of the problem on their exploring way, that’s what shows the Jeep spirit: Fun, Crazy, and Positive.

save the Jeep
The Jeep guys are drinking beers and chatting on the roof of the Jeep which is stuck in the mud. Source: Youtube

To avoid the Jeep from being swallowed by the mud monster, people use the recovery strap and hook it to the hood of the Jeep, then ask the help of the other vehicle to pull the Jeep out of the mud. Don’t forget to remove all the stuff in the trunk and keep the trunk door open during the rescue time in order to save your Jeep from being flooded at the end.

save the Jeep
The Jeep is pulled out of the mud puddle. Source: Youtube

Let’s watch the video to learn how to deal with the Jeep stuck in the mud. Keep your eyes carefully because the chicks are so hot.