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Top 7 Interesting Facts About The Jeeps

facts about jeeps
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Jeep is known as the king of the off-road vehicle and the monster on the trail. There is no surprise that a lot of people are crazy about Jeep. If you are a Jeep fan, you will downright love to know these 7 interesting facts about Jeeps. Some you may know already but some will make you say “Wow” or “Really?” when you see the below unusual facts about Jeeps.

facts about jeeps
Nothing is impossible to Jeep. Source: wall.alphacoders

1. Founder John Willys Never See a Jeep

John North Willis was an American automotive pioneer and an influencer in this industry at that time. He is the founder of John Willys which was well-known for its design and production of military Jeeps (MBs) and civilian versions (CJs) during the 20th century. John Willis died on August 26, 1935 while the first prototype Jeeps weren’t built until 1940. It means that the person who put the first brick to the Jeep creation never see any official Jeep in his life.

2. Origin Of The Jeep Name: From The Military Or A Cartoon Character Or Both

facts about jeeps
Jeep name might get the inspiration from Popeye animation. Source: autowise

The US Army named the little utility vehicle the “G.P.” for General Purpose. At the same time, there was a recurring character in “Popeye” cartoon starting in 1936 called “Eugene the Jeep” who had the ability to do anything or go about anywhere. It’s believed that someone put the two together and created a nickname which becomes the legendary until now: “Jeep”.

3. The Purpose Of The Very First Jeep Version: Military

The first official Jeep models were actually designed by the American Bantam Car Company in Pennsylvania for military applications. The first Jeep prototype was delivered to a U.S. Army Camp in Baltimore in 1940, but the manufacturing was ultimately taken over by Willys-Overland. When the army put out an open call for bids to car manufacturers for developing a new military-grade vehicle, Willys-Overland easily won with the first ever Jeep “Wrangler” model.

facts about jeeps
Jeep is the main vehicle of the soldiers in World War II. Source: autotribute

4. Purple Heart Recipient

While most people are aware of Jeep’s military history, not many realize the extent of the role that Jeep vehicles played in World War II. To give you an idea of their importance, the U.S. Army awarded a Jeep with the Purple Heart honor after it survived two different beach landings during the war. The Purple Heart is an honor bestowed upon brave American soldiers who were injured during combat and is among the military’s most prestigious awards. The fact that the ruggedly capable Jeep was able to storm two different beaches during World War II and keep soldiers safe in the process, speaks volumes to the role Jeep played during that time in our nation’s history.

5. It’s Possible To Build An Entirely New Vintage Jeep From Reproduction Parts

facts about jeeps
The Jeep body. Source: hemmings

Virtually every part to construct a Jeep from scratch is available from vendors that manufacture replacement parts. Everything from body panels and frame rails to nuts and bolts and decals can be purchased through a catalog. The only caveat being that depending upon the year you choose, you might have to source some of the heavier cast parts, though components to conduct a complete rebuild remain available.

6. No Doors? Problem Or Funny, Nah, It’s Unique.

It’s so strange to hear about the car with no door but that’s what makes Jeep Wranglers unique and stand out among the other SUV on the road. Jeep Wrangler is the only vehicle that is made to have the doors taken off them. Jeep Wrangler models are able to transform from a commuter crossover to a ruggedly capable off-road machine, thanks to this one-of-a-kind design.

facts about jeeps
The amazing four-wheel vehicle with doorless: Jeep. Source: wall.alphacoders

7. Why Rubicon? The Name Says It All

It’s no doubt to say that Jeep is the king of off-road vehicles. Therefore, every brand took a lot of time for brainstorming the best name which can say out loud the spirit and the off-road monster machine. When Jeep designed the Rubicon model of the Wrangler, the brand had difficulty coming up with a name that spoke to the ruggedness of its capabilities. After endless brainstorming sessions, the Rubicon name was finally chosen for the rugged new Wrangler. The model’s namesake comes from the most rugged off-road trail in the world, the Rubicon Trail.

facts about jeeps
The fascinating Rubicon on the trail. Source: wall.alphacoders

These facts about Jeeps are so cool, right? Although there are so many people are driving Jeep every day, not all of them know this Jeep facts information. It’s so interesting to learn the new things about Jeep, especially the Jeep facts history. Hope that this post is helpful for you to broaden the horizon about the Jeep.

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