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Do’s And Don’ts Of Off-Roading Things For The Jeepers

do's and don't of off-roading
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There are so many things you should learn to be more skillful in going off-road. This article includes do’s and don’ts of off-roading that you must be regret if you don’t know. In the other words, you can find the useful off-roading tips for beginners and even for experienced people in this post. It only takes you several minutes to take note of these precious tips in your mind.

Do’s Of Off-Roading

1. Bring A Buddy

Nobody knows what are waiting for them on the trails, it may be the great challenge, the fascinating landscape or even the big trouble. Sometimes, things go wrong on the trail, but they can go extra wrong if you’re on your own. You can get a flat, get stuck or even worse that you may be bitten by a snake or dangerous insects. So, having someone to give you a hand in need is very precious and necessary.

do's and don't of off-roading
Two buddies Jeep are on the trail. Source: i.ytimg

One more reason to go Jeeping with friends is that you will definitely have an amazing memory. People say if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. Off-roading meaning is not only to reach the target but it is also to collect the good memories on the way. So your buddies will play the key role in this case, laugh and enjoy the Jeeping together, sounds great.

2. Bring The Right Tools

You can’t go to the battle without the weapon, so never go off-roading without the proper tools. It depends on the terrain you plan to go, take time to find and prepare the proper tools. The good preparation will prevent you from the unnecessary problems, so you can save time and ensure to be safe during the trip. In case, you have the unexpected problems, you also know what to do and have enough calmness to deal with it.

do's and don't of off-roading
Maxtrax will help you a lot to come over the sand terrain. Source: outsideonline

Here is the list of tools you should consider bringing with you on the way: Maxtrax, Tire Repair Kit, Air Compressor, Jump Starter, Gloves, Off-road navigation app, Fully-Stocked First-Aid Kit, Tow strap, Come-Along.

do's and don't of off-roading
Check the tire and bring the extra one when going Jeeping. Source: acehobbiesvenice

In addition, the wise off-road person always takes an extra tire and checks the tire before hitting the road. Every Jeeper knows the huge impact of the tire pressure. So, time for the tire is well spent.

3. Have A Plan For The Trail

If you know the terrain and have a good plan, you are in the middle way of having a successful off-roading. Check the trail carefully to know the must-see spots and the areas you should avoid. It’s essential to have a good GPS plan and map to make sure that you are on the right track.

do's and don't of off-roading
The Jeep group is going off-road as the plan. Source: di-uploads-pod4.s3.amazonaws

Besides, you also need to figure out the best way of communication among you and your friends on the road. If you go alone, make sure that someone knows where you are going in case something goes wrong.

4. Ask for the advice

It’s always worth to ask for the advice from the experienced people those that know the terrain you are going to explore. This is the best way to enhance the off-road driving skills and prepare for yourself the proper off-road driving techniques before the adventure. People belong to the off-road world are very open-minded and friendly, they will surely give you the precious advice. If you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to listen to their amazing stories.

do's and don't of off-roading
The experienced people have many good advice and great stories. Source: legendarylist

Don’ts Of Off-Roading

1. Avoid Standing Water

Don’t drive through puddles without knowing what’s underneath. So many off-roaders make the mistake of thinking a “puddle” is a “puddle” when in reality you’re going to lose your vehicle if you go through it. Puddles can be deceiving, and sometimes they appear to be a foot deep when in reality they can swallow your entire vehicle. Sometimes, at the bottom of puddles, there’s silt, which is stickier than mud.

do's and don't of off-roading
Don’t underestimate the puddle if you don’t want to get trouble with it. Source: image.fourwheeler

2. Don’t Just “Wing It”

When on the trail, step out of your Jeep to analyze the piece of trail in front of you before driving it. You might see that you need to move one way or another in order to avoid a rock or root that will slash your tire. If you get stuck, get out to analyze your situation before flooring it and making things worse.

do's and don't of off-roading
It’s better to get out of the car and analyse the situation. Source: i.ytimg

These are some of the most important do’s and don’t of off-roading that everyone should know before going off-road. You should stick it in your mind even if you are the beginners or the experienced people. Hope that you will have the amazing off-roading in a jeep wrangler with these guidelines.

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