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Best Tips To Choose Proper Tires For Jeep

choose proper tires for Jeep
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The tires that you use for the Jeep are one of the most significant aspects of your Jeep’s performance. It may hard to choose proper tires for Jeep without the sufficient understanding. So you can find the easy way to read the tire size and know the best tires for Jeep wrangler by reading this article. After that, you can have the answer for your own question about the kind of tires you should get for your Jeep.

How To Read The Metric Tire Sizes

A tire measurement numbering system can be found on the inside wall of the tire. This is how to read and understand a tire size. For example, on a metric tire, you might read 33×12.5/75R17.

choose proper tires for Jeep
How To Read The Metric Tire Sizes. Source: teraflex

Here is the meaning of every single part:

– 33 mm: refers to the tire diameter in millimeters
– 12.5 mm: refers to the tire width in millimeters
– 75 %: refers to the sidewall aspect ratio, which shows in percentage and tells us how tall and how narrow the sidewall of the tire is in millimeters.
– R: describes the tire’s internal construction. This case, R means the radial tire
– 17 inches: refers to the rim diameter in inches.

Some Popular Jeep Wrangler Tires

33″ Tires

choose proper tires for Jeep
The best Jeep tire size. Source: i.ytimg

This 33” tire is okay to use for JK/JKU models without any modification. However, if you’re taking it off-road, some changes are necessary to avoid the risk of rubbing.
The metric of 33” tire size is 33×12.50R15, please notice that this number is in inch for every part, not millimeter.
This tire size works well for someone who likes off-road, hitting some trail runs on occasional weekends, but uses their Jeep primarily on the street. This will have minimal effect on your gas mileage and also your ride. You’ll be able to use this tire with at least a simple JK/JKU 2.5” Performance Spacer Lift Kit w/ 9550 VSS Shocks. It will offer a nice look but still have some good street-ability.

35″ Tires

This size requires a lift kit, but you can get by smoothly with a 2.5” Lift or 3” Lift. This gives better ground clearance with minimal effect on your drivability and handles very nicely on the road.

37″ Tires

The metric of 37” tire size is 37×12.50R17. The 37” tire basically moves you up to the next level on the road. Because this tire is larger and heavier, it requires the gear changes to recover from power and fuel mileage lost. You also need to look for a 4” Lift for off-road use. You can risk a 3” lift, but it’ll be tight.

38″ Tires

choose proper tires for Jeep
All sizes of Jeep types. Source: teraflex

This tire gives the extra inch in both height and width, its metric size is 38×14.50R17. There are two additional inches in tire width compared to the 37” tire. Though 38″ tires are hard to turn, and you’ll need some horsepower behind them.

40″ Tires

This tire is hard to beat off-road. The extra height achieved when climbing a ledge allows for greater ease, turning some obstacles into simple non-events. When considering clearance issues, you’ll need at least a 6” Lift unless you do some major body modifications (probably including a loss of sheet metal) to make them fit. The 40” tires are actually 13.50 wide (40×13.50R17), so they’re an inch narrower than the 38”, but you’re still gaining a couple of inches in height.

choose proper tires for Jeep
Jeep is equiped full proper tires and extra one. Source: lodoffroad

In summary, there are some types of Jeep tires for you to choose proper tires for Jeep. If you have a high passion for off-roading, you will definitely get the terrain tires that are characterized by large, chunky tread designed. Because this kind of tire can bite into the muddy or snowy surface so you can conquer these trails easier. Moreover, the wider tires will be always the good choice for driving across the sand. When it comes to rock crawling, you will want good flex, big side lugs, and aired down tires. In case you are on-road, the skinny tire will help a lot because it won’t make the weird noise and minimize the tear of commuting.

Now you know a lot about the Jeep tires and some tips for choosing the right one. Hope that you will find the best tire for your beloved four-wheel vehicle and your lifestyle. Don’t forget that tires are the critical part of the Jeep, so take time for it.

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