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Awesome crawling video: Tacoma, Fords & ZR2 vs Jeep Rubicon

Awesome crawling video
Source: Youtube

Jeep is known as the king of the off-road world which can go anywhere and do anything. It is built to go against all the obstacles on the trail and even challenge the hardcore one. It is no doubt that nothing can mess with Jeep. Besides the trails, however, everyone has to drive the vehicle in the daily life but most of the people can’t drive the Jeep all day. So people may think of some alternative trucks which can fit their demands.

Awesome crawling video
The Tacoma TRD starts crawling down the rock. Source: Youtube

Actually, no one expects any of these desert runners to keep up with the Jeep which is built to be the king of mountain trails. But it may be a shortcoming if we don’t give it a try to see how close they can get. This video is going to show you how the Tacoma TRD, Fords and ZR2 do against Jeep crawling in details.

Awesome crawling video
The Jeep Rubicon is crawling over the rock. Source: Youtube

You definitely don’t die of boredom because this crawling video will make you can’t take your eyes off it for any seconds. You will be very lucky to witness a lot of stunning crawling scenes which can give you a lot of experience. Watch it and keep this video as the useful reference for your upcoming practice plan.