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Top 10 America’s Best Off-Road Trips

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Source: Pinterest

America has a rich diversity of off-road trails that give you a great chance to get the Jeep dirty. This post will help you add more items to your bucket list about top 10 America’s best off-road trips. Nobody wants to stay at home in the beautiful days, they only need to have a trail to throw themselves on. Let’s break away from the pavement and discover these best off-road trails in America.

1. Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Washington Backcountry Discovery Route, Washington State. Source: Pinterest

This is a long but easy route for you to have a blast in several days. If you want to enjoy the nature and still require some creature comforts, this WBDR is the perfect choice because there are off-road camping sites and hotels on the route. However, you shouldn’t think this route is boring, it offers the diverse terrains that will make you surprised including the lush temperate rainforest of the Cascade Mountains and the arid high desert of Eastern Washington.

2. Dalton Highway, Alaska

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Dalton Highway, Alaska. Source: Pinterest

If you love to experience the rough terrain, the Dalton Highway must be your next destination. There must be a reason for its nickname “The Haul Road”, you will have a chance to explore a road which is chock full of gravel. In case you have a plan to go from the Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, you should top at Fairbanks to sustain enough supplies. Fairbanks is the closest city to the start of the highway, it’s a perfect place for you to get an extra fuel, food, tires, and other essential stuff. Don’t forget to turn on your headlights all the time and tune your CB radio to channel 19 as the way the Dalton truckers do as usual.

3. Mojave Road, Arizona & California

There is an interesting trail in this area that is built to be discovered by the off-roaders. You can find this 140-mile trail if you go from Bullhead city, Arizona to Newberry Springs, California. This trail is completely full of historical landmarks such as Colorado River, Joshua Tree Forest, Rock Spring, Soda Lake, and Government Monument.

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Mojave Road, Arizona & California. Source: Pinterest

Although it is just a trail, this one has been traveled by Spanish explorers, European colonizers, and the U.S. Army over the last several hundred years. There are two important things you have to pay attention to this trail, they are snakes and the lack of water. Be careful with the snakes and pack lots of water. You can’t hope to fill the water bottle frequently because there is only one watering hole along the road.

4. Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route, Arizona. Source: Pinterest

This badass 750-mile route let you hit the road from the north of Arizona’s border with Mexico to its border with Utah. This odyssey gives you a chance to see historic sites, Saguaro cacti, deep sand, and a plenty of deserts. You will also encounter the Navajo Nation and the Colorado River Canyon that is a few hundred miles away from the north of Flagstaff. However, you should get a camping and riding permit which costs only 5 USD before going to Navajo.

5. Rubicon Trail, California

America's Best Off-Road Trips
Rubicon Trail, California. Source: Pinterest

It seems like California is one of the best states for off-roading, one more trail for you to challenge is Rubicon. Rubicon trail is a legendary of 4×4 vehicles so that a Jeep Wrangler model named after it. You can find this 4×4 wonderland in the west of Lake Tahoe and 80 miles east of Sacramento. Although Rubicon trail is only 22 miles long, it is proud to challenge all the pro and brave off-roaders. Because of cutting through both the El Dorado National Forest and the Tahoe National Forest, Rubicon is famous for its intensely tricky terrain. No matter how specialized your 4×4 vehicle is, the Rubicon Trail Foundation warns drivers about some modicum of sheet metal damage you may face. Sustaining all essential supplies before exploring this trail is so worth.

6. Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado

America Best Off-Road Trips
Alpine Loop Trail, Colorado. Source: Pinterest

It’s quite tricky to get to the Alpine Loop trail. You need to drive about 5 hours to the southwest of Denver until encountering the Lake City. This 63-mile trail will give you the experience of crossing two 12,000- foot passes, going through 7 ghost towns, and enjoying so many spectacular panoramas that you couldn’t imagine. Although this trail is perfect for 2WD vehicles, the 4x4s with high ground clearance are also welcomed. Please don’t go on this trail in the winter time because it will close.

7. Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia

America Best Off-Road Trips
Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia. Source: Pinterest

This trail belongs to a part of North America and it has 50 miles long. This is an easy and relaxing trail for people those that want to have the off-road vacations. It only takes you about 10-12 hours to explore the trail but you can spend a day and a half to enjoy the landscape more. You’ll love to have a picnic next to the lakes or the alpine meadows with your friends and family on this wonderful trail in the leisure time.

8. White Rim Trail, Utah

America Best Off-Road Trips
White Rim Trail, Utah. Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most beautiful trails that every off-roader should go there once in life. The White Rim Trail is on the edge of an island in the Sky Mesa in Canyonlands National Park. It usually takes you 2 days to explore the 100-mile trail and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Along the way, you’ll see Utah’s famous sandstone arches towers, buttes, Indian ruins, and views of the Colorado and Green rivers. If you want to have a camping trip, you should plan and book it in advance because these campsites are usually occupied. Don’t forget to prepare enough water to stay hydrated, the ideal amount of water is at least one gallon per person per day.

9. El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona

America Best Off-Road Trips
El Camino Del Diablo, Arizona. Source: Pinterest

This 250-mile trail has a nickname as “The Devil’s Highway”, which is originated in the 16th century. In the history, this trail is used for conquistadores, settlers, missionaries, and miners to commute. Nowadays, the El Camino Del Diablo becomes an awesome off-road trail for 4x4s. You will have an independent trip without any supports from this remote trails. It means you can enjoy the nature to the fullest but it also reminds you of preparing the food, water, and stuff for the emergency. The road starts from the southwest of Ajo, Arizona, then it runs along the U.S./Mexico border until the final termination at Fortuna Foothills, Arizona. You will encounter Pinta Sand Dunes, the Pinacate Volcanic Field, the Tule Mountains, and the abandoned Fortuna Mine along the way.

10. Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana

America Best Off-Road Trips
Magruder Road Corridor, Idaho & Montana. Source: Pinterest

This road is named after Lloyd Magruder, who was murdered on the road in 1863. However, it’s not a thing that makes the off-roaders hesitate to head to this road. The hesitation comes from its description, which said that it is steep and winding with an only one-lane road. Besides, the snowstorms may happen any time in this area. If you can put these warnings away, you are going to have a stunning off-road trip. This road takes you 2 days to explore and you will see the fantastic landscapes such as the lush valleys and the rushing rivers. You can easy to find the off-road camping sites along your way.

These are top 10 America’s Best Off-Road Trips you can take for the amazing off-road vacations. Every route has its own pros and cons that you need to find out for the best preparation. Self-sustaining is the key to a successful off-roading, you shouldn’t ever underestimate the unexpected problems may happen on the trails. With these off-road trips in the USA, your off-road map becomes more interesting and exciting. Time to answer the call of adventures, let’s hit the road!